Bali/India Silver Granulated Cylinder Bead (BAS_032)
Bali/India Silver Granulated Cylinder Bead (BAS_032)

Antique Bali/India Silver Granulated Cylinder Bead (BAS_032)



These beautiful hand fabricated beads are decorated with very fine filigree and granulation work. Deep natural patina highlights their intricate patterning


Balinese Silver

According to Balinese legend the first goldsmiths learned their craft from Hindu gods sent to earth to teach humans how to behave civilly. History however, traces the arrival of metal work in Indonesia in the Bronze Age from southern China and southeast Asia.

Balinese artisans use the techniques of filigree, jawan and granulation to give their pieces their distinctive look. Filigree utilizes tiny twisted threads of silver to create lacy ornate patterns. Jawan uses small spots of silver to create decorative textures. Granulation, an ancient technique, uses even smaller spheres to create intricate patterns. The resulting designs are symmetrical and frequently mimic nature and natural patterns.