Silver  Bicone Necklace (THS_057j)
Silver  Bicone Necklace (THS_057j)
Silver  Bicone Necklace (THS_057j)

Thai Silver Bicone Necklace (THS_057j)


Gorgeous Hill Tribe strand of hand made beads. Total weight 80g.

Thai Silver · Karen Hill Tribe

Much of our Thai silver was hand crafted by the Karen Hill tribe in Northern Thailand, using traditional tribal tools and methods used for centuries. Many individual beads are stamped with the “chakra” flower, created by 7 dots – 6 petals surrounding a center dot. This flower represents the 7 chakras in the human body and symbolizes balance and prosperity. Thai silver has a higher silver content than sterling; 99% as opposed to 92.5% giving it a lightweight feel and bright silver color.